Ways in Which you Can Help Us

Committee Members:
Willing workers are needed for this demanding unpaid task. Volunteers should be able to attend the monthly committee meetings, help at the monthly social evenings and have some spare time available for the many extra tasks as they arise.

We require visitors. It is amazing how much help and support a visitor can give to someone who is housebound on in a hospital. Could you spare an hour perhaps fortnightly for the very important of cheering up someone in such a situation? At the moment, 53 members of the Aberdeen branch are being looked after by our caring visitors. If YOU can help, we would love to hear from you.

Transport plays an essential part in our branch activities. All our members require transport either by private care or mini-bus. We have an excellent team of volunteer drivers, but we require even more people to drive the mini-buses. Drivers must be in the twenty five and over age group and have a clean driving license. Tuition will be given if required.