How a bright pink trike will mean this student with multiple sclerosis can walk his dog again

One day a father of two was crossing the road when his missed the kerb and fell to the ground.

This sort of thing had been happening for a while and his son turned to him and said: “Dad this is not cool, we need to get this sorted.”

It was a conversation which helped lead Guy Mortenson, 56, to be diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis in 2014. It is a condition which is incurable and there is no treatment.

Over the past four years the St Paul’s resident noticed that it has been harder to walk, and he now uses a custom-made wooden staff to get around, as well as being harder to do simple things such as use his hands for cooking.

The biggest change has been in how the disease has affected Guy looking after his enormous German Shepherd dog Zen, who is he unable to take for long walks.